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Sunrise's Features

  • Includes Two Font Options

    Sunrise has a built in toggle where you can choose Lato or Neuton, two very clean and modern Google fonts. The toggle will change the school name line one in the header and the footer, all app names, headline title text, and the upcoming events month and date.

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  • Photo Gallery

    Sunrise features a browser filling photo area that enables you to showcase beautiful photography.

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  • Google Map Integration and Flexible Footer Options

    This flexible footer provides an option to display a Google Map, a space for text such as a mission statement and an area for up to four links in the footer. The footer has other variations for displaying this information including showing the map and links only, showing the just the map, or turning this portion of the footer off completely.

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  • Full Width Regions

    With full width regions, Sunrise is designed for flexibility! The full width of the content areas at the top and bottom of the homepage are specially designed to accommodate our more popular homepage apps. For example, if a Headlines and Features app is placed in one of these regions, navigational arrows will appear so that users can click through multiple headlines. Site Shortcuts and Upcoming Events will display in a horizontal format that better fits the width of these areas. If you would prefer not to use these regions, simply avoid placing content in them and they will disappear.

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