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  • The Headline Title

    This is where you can enter teaser text, which describes your headline story in more detail and prompts the user to want to read more. You can write as much as you want in this area, but don't go too crazy with it!

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  • This is the Title of the Headline Story

    This is where you can enter teaser text, which describes your headline story in more detail, and prompts the user to want to read more.

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  • Attendance Boundaries & Feeder Schools

  • When should I enroll my student?

  • 2018-19 New Student Registration

Headlines & Features Monument

  • Showcase Photography

    Monument is designed with a smaller photo area that enables you to showcase beautiful photography while bringing content above the fold. Use Region B next to the main image to highlight the superintendents message, showcase events or feature district and school news.

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  • Left Channel Bar

    As users scroll down the page, the channel bar will stick to the left of the browser window on the desktop view, enabling users to access the main navigation from anywhere on the page.

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  • Sticky Background Photos

    A background image is available behind Regions D, E, F and G to enhance the visual aspect of your site. The sticky image that stays in place as content scrolls over top! All background images are optional.

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  • Featured Footer Image

    Designed with a flexible footer, choose between using a featured image or integrated map. Want to keep it simple? It's easy to switch between these options, or hide them altogther.

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  • Custom Editor Styles

    This template includes several custom editor styles that can be applied to Content Apps. These colored borders and backgrounds can be utilized to draw a user's attention to specific content. Whether that's contact information, important links, or an announcement - you decide!

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  • Configurable Footer Links

    Our newest templates include a minimum of three configurable footer links that can be used to link to accessibility info, legal statements, etc.

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  • Social Media Icons

    Monument includes a full set of the most popular social media icons located in the sticky channel bar for easy access.

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  • Content Slider

    Regions C and G have navigational arrows for Headlines, Announcements or Upcoming Events, giving you the ability to consolidate your information.

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  • Google Map Integration

    Monument has the option to display an integrated Google Map in the footer, and visitors can also click the "View Map" link to open a Google Maps page based on the address entered on the Contact tab in site manager. Linking to Google Maps makes it convenient for users to get directions.

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