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  • High Contrast Toggle

    Every MyWay Ultra template includes an optional High Contrast toggle, which is designed to aid users with vision impairments. When turned on, this toggle enables users to switch to a black and white, high contrast version of the website.

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  • Multi-Column Section Dropdown

    On Odyssey, the section dropdown is horizontally oriented and sections will automatically go into a two column format. This gives the appearance of a channel bar mega menu without the setup work!

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  • Google Map Integration

    The map image in the footer automatically links to Google Maps based on the address entered on the Contact tab in site manager. Linking to Google Maps makes it convenient for users to get directions.

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  • Social Media Icons

    Every MyWay Ultra template includes a full set of the most popular social media icons, with the recent addition of Peachjar.

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  • Multimedia Gallery App

    All MyWay Ultra templates utilize the Multimedia Gallery App (MMG). This app allows for photos and embedded videos, as well as full control over the link and video text per image.

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  • Custom Editor Styles

    Each MyWay Ultra template includes several custom editor styles that can be applied to Content Apps. These colored borders and backgrounds can be utilized to draw a user's attention to specific content. Whether that's contact information, important links, an announcement of some sort - you decide!

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  • Configurable Footer Links

    All MyWay Ultra templates include a minimum of three configurable footer links that can be used to link to accessibility info, legal statements, etc.

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  • Content Slider

    Regions B and F have navigational arrows for Headlines so users can click through multiple news stories

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  • Sticky Channel Bar

    As users scroll down the page, the channel bar will stick to the top of the browser window, enabling users to access the main navigation from anywhere on the page.

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  • Spelling Bee
    Students who are interested in participating in the school spelling bee should talk to their homeroom teacher. Study guides for the appropriate grade level will be provided and sign ups for practice groups are currently open.

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  • Tutoring Sessions
    Parents! If you are in need of tutoring sessions for your children, please contact our school counselor. We have local college students who are trained and available for slotted sessions at our schools.

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  • Teacher Spotlight
    Each month we will feature a faculty member in our Teacher Spotlight. Learn more about our wonderful staff members.

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    Our extraordinary graduates are leaders, innovators, and adventurers who know themselves well and possess the skills and commitment to make a difference in the world. We couldn’t be more proud.