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  •  Global Icons

    Global Icons

    Euphoria allows for up to 6 global icons, which will show when the user hovers over the word POPULAR in the header.

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  •  Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    Euphoria features a browser filling photo area that enables you to showcase beautiful photography. Your photos will always load within the browser window, and a scroll down anchor tag indicates that more content is below the fold.

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  •  Customizable Header LInks

    Customizable Header Links

    There are 3 links in the header that can be customized or not used at all. It's up to you!

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  • Full Width Regions

    Full Width Regions

    With full width regions, Euphoria is designed for flexibility! If a Headlines and Features app, or an Upcoming Events app is placed in this region, navigational arrows will appear so that users can click through multiple headlines. If you would prefer not to use this region, simply avoid placing content here and it will disappear.

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  •  Sticky Channel Bar

    Sticky Channel Bar

    As users scroll down the page, the channel bar will stick to the top of the browser window.

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