Template Styles

  • Title default is set as font-weight: bold in the Template Configuration Window under Template Options in the Restricted Formatting Styles.

    Subtitle default is set as font-style: italic in the same place as the Title.

    Smallest = font-size: xx-small

    Smaller = font-size: x-small

    Small = font-size: small

    Normal = font-size: medium

    Large = font-size: large

    Larger = font-size: x-large

    Largest = font-size: xx-large

Header Styles

  • This is a H1 Header 

    Neuton 30px Bold — Default Color #1E1E1F

    This is a H2 Header 
    Neuton 27px Bold — Default Color #1E1E1F

    This is a H3 Header
    Neuton 24px Bold — Default color #1E1E1F

    This is a H4 Header 
    Neuton 22px Bold — Default #1E1E1F

    Preset colors are available by using the text color button, for example, this is  Slate Grey.

    Hex codes can be added by clicking the source code button. This is #1673A4.

    Click here to see the  Lato font header styles.