Template Styles

  • Title default is set as font-weight: bold in the Template Configuration Window under Template Options in the Restricted Formatting Styles.

    Subtitle default is set as font-style: italic in the same place as the Title.

    Smallest = font-size: xx-small

    Smaller = font-size: x-small

    Small = font-size: small

    Normal = font-size: medium

    Large = font-size: large

    Larger = font-size: x-large

    Largest = font-size: xx-large

Header Styles

  • This is a H1 Header

    Noto Serif 30px Regular — Default Color #262627

    This is a H2 Header

    Noto Serif 30px Regular — Default matches header color set in the TCW

    This is a H3 Header

    Noto Serif 20px Regular — Default Color #262627

    This is a H4 Header

    Noto Serif 20px Regular — Default matches header color set in the TCW

    Preset colors are available by using the text color button, for example, this is FireBrick.

    Hex codes can be added by clicking the source code button. This is #1673A4.

    Click here to see the Fira Sans font header styles.